Better treatment and awareness

Europa Uomo supports the use of active surveillance treatment for men with low-risk prostate cancer. Properly implemented, it is an effective and safe means of avoiding over-treatment and ensuring optimal quality of life for as long as possible. Active surveillance is a treatment in itself, and should be considered as valid as any other treatment in stages I and II of prostate cancer.

Active surveillance should not be confused with the watchful waiting programmes, which are used in the later stages of cancer.

Recent years have seen considerable growth of knowledge on how to apply active surveillance safely. Recent research indicates that this treatment can be useful for up to 30% of patients – those with low or intermediate risk.

Europa Uomo active surveillance webinars

To explore patient experience, and issues surround the effective use of active surveillance, Europa Uomo organised a series of three active surveillance webinars in April to June 2021. Experts in prostate cancer active surveillance examined the successes and challenges of active surveillance (AS) as a treatment strategy at these online events, alongside patients who gave their perspectives on what it was like to be on AS.

These were designed as educational events, to inform men who are deciding whether to go on active surveillance, and to provide those who are already on an AS programme with support. Therefore, we are making their full content available here.

Webinar 1
Looking for quality of life after diagnosis of low grade prostate cancer

Hein Van Poppel, Adjunct Secretary General of the European Association of Urology
Monique Roobol, Professor of Decision Making in Urology at Erasmus Medical Centre, the Netherlands
Cosimo Pieri, who has personal experience of active surveillance (AS)

Download the webinar 1 transcript here.

Webinar 2
What are the needs of active surveillance patients during their patient journey?

Riccardo Valdagni, Associate Professor in Oncology and radiation oncologist from Milan, Italy
Dr Lara Bellardita, health psychology consultant specialising in cancer, Milan, Italy
Ioannis Vanezos, Europa Uomo Treasurer

Download the webinar 2 transcript here

Webinar 3
Early diagnosis and active surveillance: how to balance under/over treatment

Dr Chris Bangma, Professor and Chairman of Urology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Thrainn Thorvaldsson, Ettore Fumagalli and Cosimo Pieri – prostate cancer patient with experience of AS

Download the webinar 3 transcript here

Webinar 4
Lessons learned from specialists and patients: what do we really need to know?

Speakers from previous webinars, with debate moderated by Cosimo Pieri and Tania Estapé

Download the webinar 4 transcript here