11 July 2021

Researcher’s analysis recognised at EAU Congress

One of the lead analysts for Europa Uomo’s EUPROMS study has been presented with a major award for her work at this year’s European Association of Urology congress.

Lionne Venderbos, scientific researcher and Assistant Professor of Urology at Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, was awarded a Best Patient Poster Award for her presentation: “Sexual function of men undergoing invasive prostate cancer treatment versus active surveillance – results of the EUPROMS study”.

The poster presentation provided a detailed analysis of data from the EUPROMS findings on sexual function. It concluded that the unique quality of life data from the study showed the important impact of prostate cancer treatment on men’s ability to function sexually. “The impact of invasive treatment on the ability to have an erection as compared to active surveillance is major, and while reporting an ability to reach orgasm, still mostly men who underwent radical prostatectomy experience their lack of sexual function as a problem,” says the abstract.

In a video to mark the award, presented at EAU, Dr Venderbos said: “This is a recognition for the effort that patient organisations – in this case Europa Uomo – is making in educating their patients to make them more knowledgeable and better prepared for the treatment decisions they are forced to make after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

Europa Uomo has published a new downloadable booklet of the EUPROMS findings.