5 July 2021

Summary of EUPROMS findings will help patient groups in campaigning

The effects of treatment on the quality of life of men with prostate cancer are clearly demonstrated in a new booklet presenting the results of Europa Uomo’s successful EUPROMS study.

The publication, available to download free online, provides an accessible summary of the findings from EUPROMS (Europa Uomo Patient Reported Outcome Study), which have been widely reported at conferences, in journals, at conferences and webinars.

Europa Uomo hopes the findings presented may:

  • help patients and their doctors make decisions about treatments
  • help in campaigning for early diagnosis of prostate cancer and promoting approaches such as active surveillance.

The A5 booklet can be downloaded, printed locally or on an office printer, and distributed.  It is currently available in English, but Europa Uomo hopes to publish in other European languages.

EUPROMS found that quality of life scores are best in patients where the cancer is discovered in an early, curable stage – providing strong backing for early detection programmes throughout Europe. Europa Uomo has been using the EUPROMS findings to encourage European politicians to introduce such programmes, and raise awareness of approaches such as active surveillance which have less effect on quality of life.

“The EUPROMS quality of life study substantially contributed to the inclusion of prostate cancer early detection in the Beating Cancer plan, so special thanks must go to all the patients who took time to answer the survey: their efforts have made a difference,” says Europa Uomo Chairman André Deschamps in the booklet.