Who we are

2024 sees Europa Uomo celebrating 20 years since its official constitution in Italy

Europa Uomo was founded in Rome in 2002, at a meeting examining unmet needs in men with prostate cancer, instigated by Dr Alberto Costa and Professor Umberto Veronesi.  A temporary committee for a new support organisation for men with prostate cancer was established, supported by Alberto Costa and Louis Denis as consultants.

A constitution and manifesto were produced in 2003, at a meeting in the Oncology Centre, Antwerp. Following the example of Europa Donna (a pan-European coalition advocating for women with breast cancer established in 1994) Europa Uomo was legally established as a parallel organisation for men with prostate cancer in Milan in June 2004.  The original statutes, signed by those attending the meeting, are pictured below, along with its original brochure listing founding members.

From the start, and continuing since, the organisation has received support from the European School of Oncology (ESO) and the European Association of Urology (EAU) and from the Oncology Centre Antwerp until its closure. This explains the ex-officio Board members still representing ESO and the EAU: Alberto Costa and Hein Van Poppel.

Past Chairmen are: Tom Hudson (2002 to 2013), Hans Randsdorp (2013-2014), Ken Mastris (2014 to 2018), André Deschamps (2018-2022)

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