4 October 2023

Tributes paid to Europa Uomo founder Tom Hudson

We are sad to announce the death of Tom Hudson, one of the founders of Europa Uomo and its first Chairman, serving from 2002 until 2013.

He died peacefully at his home in Dublin, Ireland, on 1st October. Among those paying tribute was Europa Uomo Vice Chairman Erik Briers, also a founder of the organisation.

“Tom was the ideal chairman, with his vision on what Europa Uomo should become and how to motivate prostate cancer patients to get involved,” he said. “His legacy lives on in our organisation that is growing and active as never before.”

“Tom understood that, to be effective, Europa Uomo needed to connect with other European players like the European Medicines Agency and ECPC European Cancer Patient Coalition, of which Europa Uomo was one of the founding members. He also motivated ‘junior’ members to step up to the plate and represent prostate cancer patients at meetings, ensuring that the organisation continued to have active representation at the European level.”

“Tom became a personal friend and he will be missed.”

Also paying tribute was Joaquim da Cruz Domingos of the Portuguese Association of Prostate Patients. “We remember with nostalgia the personal relationship we had with Tom for several years,” he said. “The image he always conveyed was of a person of integrity, capable and a great companion in his tasks for prostate patients. We certainly will miss him.”

Europa Uomo Board member Tania Estapé said: “Tom Hudson was a great visionary and strategist. He saw with great clarity that Europe needed a single voice in prostate cancer and knew how to approach Alberto Costa and the great Umberto Veronesi, who had both been central to the creation of Europa Donna – which provided an organisational model Tom Hudson was inspired by.”

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