15 August 2023

Booklets, PowerPoints, videos and transcripts available

Europa Uomo has published a range of resources to raise awareness and support men with prostate cancer and their clinicians as they make decisions about treatment.

Now available are:

  • A booklet for patients and families about the after-effects of prostate cancer treatment, based on the findings of Europa Uomo’s ground-breaking EUPROMS quality of life study.
  • Updated EUPROMS PowerPoint presentations in 17 languages. These present key results from Europa Uomo’s detailed studies about quality of life after different treatments for prostate cancer. Areas such as tiredness, mental health, continence and sexual function are covered. The presentations are suitable to use in public talks.
  • Detailed information about active surveillance – the latest expert thinking on role, risk and benefits. The information is provided in videos and transcripts of a series of AS webinars organised by Europa Uomo.

You can find a full listing of Europa Uomo publications and resources in the resources pages of our website.