25 September 2021

Videos and transcripts of expert opinion and patient experience available

Europa Uomo is launching a new resource on active surveillance, based on the content of webinars exploring the practicalities and implications of AS held earlier this year.

The webinars, organised by Europa Uomo, combined expert research and knowledge with the experience of patients who had been on active surveillance programmes. Videos of each of the events, complete with downloadable transcripts of all the contributions, are now available from a new Active Surveillance section of the Europa Uomo website.

Europa Uomo supports the use of active surveillance treatment for men with low-risk prostate cancer.

“Europa Uomo is committed to supporting men with reliable information on prostate pathologies, early diagnosis, multidisciplinary approaches and quality of life,” says Cosimo Pieri, the Europa Uomo Board member who organised the webinars.

“With our webinars and now the resources on our website we provide a basic introduction to the strategy of active surveillance, an idea of patient journeys and an indication of where to find accurate and detailed information.”

Europa Uomo recommends that non-English-speaking organisations download the transcripts and use translation software to put them into their own language.