6 November 2021

Europa Uomo Chairman urges groups to encourage more responses

The Europa Uomo EUPROMS 2.0 survey has now attracted more than 2,000 responses – but more are needed before the questionnaire closes on 23rd December.

“It’s very encouraging, but unfortunately there are many European countries that have produced a very low response so far,” says Europa Uomo Chairman Andre Deschamps.

“The survey and publicity are available in the main languages of Europe, and we would like to reiterate that your participation and help with publicity is absolutely necessary. We need as many people as possible to complete our survey for the results to be authoritative.”

The EUPROMS 2.0 survey, designed to find out more about how prostate cancer and its treatments affect men’s quality of life, was launched at the end of October. Data from the survey, which is anonymous, will be used to help others diagnosed with prostate cancer make treatment decisions, and will help patient organisations push for improvements for men with prostate cancer and their families.

Publicity flyers and social media tiles have been published in 15 languages, so that individuals and groups can publicise the survey as widely as possible to men with prostate cancer in their country.

Europa Uomo is suggesting that groups for men with prostate cancer use the social media artwork in their email signatures.

You can find instructions on how to insert a picture into your email signature here for PCs and here for Macs