Who we are

Europa Uomo’s influence extends from the highest levels of European politics to local support work. Its activity in 2019 included a range of campaigning and advisory work


Training and development

Europa Uomo supported the development of patient organisations in Eastern Europe and implemented a training programme. It works with the Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks on organising training programmes.

European Prostate Awareness Day

Europa Uomo staged a joint event with the European Association of Urology for European Prostate Awareness Day at the European Parliament in Brussels.  This saw the medical profession and a patient organisation coming together with a joint vision on prostate cancer screening as an aid to early detection and the avoidance of over-treatment.

Regulatory work

Europa Uomo members continue to participate in the regulatory work of the European Medicines Agency, providing a patient perspective on scientific committees, working parties and advisory groups.


Europa Uomo is developing its communications to member organisations and other stakeholders, increasing awareness and strengthening the patient voice and perspective in international debate about policy and practice.

Work with other organisations

Europa Uomo worked with a variety of patient consortia of organisations representing cancer patients to push forward common agendas. It also worked closely with European organisations representing urologists and other health professionals. We are a member of the European Patients' Forum.

Board meetings

The Board met eight times, including a meeting at its annual General Assembly, where representatives from its member organisations gather to decide on future direction.

Other meetings

Board members attended a number of conferences and meetings, including international cancer congresses, advisory committees for organisations such as the European Medicines Agency, national and international patient forums and meetings of member organisations.