Who we are

The funding of Europa Uomo comes from small contributions from member organisations through their annual dues, contributions from partner organisations such as the European Association of Urologists (EAU) and the European School of Oncology (ESO), sponsorship from a number of pharmaceutical companies and cost reimbursement when representatives have attended meetings.

In accordance with Belgian law for not-for-profit organisations, annual financial reports are considered and approved by the Europa Uomo General Assembly.

Europa Uomo is compliant with EMA guidelines on the funding of recognised patient organisations, in terms of the number of supporting pharmaceutical companies and the requirement that it is not more than 50% dependent on any one source.

Income distribution 2020

  • Grants Donations non-Pharma                          14%
  • Grants Donations Pharma CORE support        54%
  • Grants Donations Pharma projects                   20%
  • Annual membership                                             1%
  • Other income                                                         11%

The percentage of the highest contribution from one single company is 10.73% of the total income.


In 2020, Europa Uomo received donations from the following: