7 March 2022

New survey from major big data prostate cancer study

How good is communication between you and the people treating you? What are the possible areas that could be improved? Your views are required. A new survey – part of a major long-term study gathering big data about prostate cancer – aims to find out more about patient-clinician interactions.

The PIONEER study is gathering data from various sources to enable healthcare systems to provide more efficient outcome-driven patient-centred treatment and care for prostate cancer.

The study is trying to understand patient-physician-communication, and particularly how this might affect quality of life. So it has launched an online survey for people with experience of prostate cancer to inform this. The survey will take 10-15 minutes to compete and can be accessed here.

“Communication is key to everything we do and hence also an important component of the patient experience,” says Mieke van Hemelrijck, Professor in Cancer Epidemilogy at King’s College London, one of the leaders of PIONEER research. “This survey provides an opportunity to help us understand patients' views and identify opportunities for improvement.”