19 July 2023

New survey as part of PRAISE-U project

A new survey will assess different countries’ practices and policies surrounding prostate cancer screening, as one of the first stages of the ambitious EU PRAISE-U early detection project

Following the European Commission’s recent decision to encourage prostate cancer screening throughout Europe, PRAISE-U aims to design a cost-effective algorithm for early detection. The project involves 25 institutions from 12 countries, including Europa Uomo, and will provide guidelines and quality assurance tools to be used in early detection pilot programmes.

At a meeting of the European Association of Urology’s national societies in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, Professor Monique Roobol (pictured addressing the meeting) and her team of urology researchers from Erasmus University in Rotterdam introduced a new online survey, the Barriers to Effective Screening Tool (BEST). This will collect information for the first step in the project: assessing need.

Urologists, patients representing organisations, researchers and health service co-ordinators are all being invited to complete the survey, which will help identify barriers to screening across the EU.

The results will help evaluate the effectiveness of current efforts at early detection, and inform the development and improvement of prostate cancer screening programmes.