20 March 2024

Special bins installed in toilets after Europa Uomo suggestion

Special continence care bins will be installed in toilets at the forthcoming European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress in Paris. This follows a suggestion from Europa Uomo that the needs of men with continence problems should be catered for.

Both the EAU and Europa Uomo were signatories of the recent “Urge to Act” manifesto for policy reform on continence health in Europe. Among other recommendations, it called on policy makers to guarantee access to toileting facilities in public and private spaces and optimal solutions for all people living with incontinence.

“Continence care is something that bothers a lot of our patients,” says Erik Briers, Europa Uomo Vice Chairman. “It is an issue to dispose of incontinence pads even in hotels.”

“We proposed to the EAU that, during the EAU24 Congress in Paris, special continence care bins should be provided in men’s toilets. This will be a clear signal that the manifesto is not just printed on paper but in fact is a call to action. I’m delighted that the EAU will be going ahead with this.”

EAU congress management have now arranged that continence care bins will be provided in 23 toilets throughout the venue, covering every part of the building during the event on 5th to 8th April. The cubicles will have a sticker on the door in French and English.

“The EAU Central Office has taken this idea to heart,” said Arnulf Stenzl, EAU Secretary General. “Continence health is an important message to carry out and we want to show our support of the manifesto in all our activities.”