16 April 2019

An ambitious new fundraising campaign

An ambitious new fundraising campaign asking members of the public to “Cycle to the Moon” has been launched by Europa Uomo’s member organisation in the UK, Tackle Prostate Cancer. The aim is to raise awareness as well as funds.

With a target of raising £250,000, the charity is engaging with cycling clubs to encourage members to raise money for prostate cancer through charity rides throughout the UK. It wants them to collectively ride the 250,000 miles to the moon with a target of £1 per mile being donated.

Alongside Cycle to the Moon, Tackle is promoting a similar “Bike to the Moon” initiative for motorcycle clubs. “Many motorcycle clubs are generous donors to charitable causes and the age profile of many of their members is probably the age when men should be getting tested for prostate cancer,” says Roger Wooton, Chairman of Tackle Prostate Cancer.

The campaign runs until September.