9 October 2023

EU-PROPER will investigate issues affecting caregivers

A new research project from Europa Uomo, launched today, will attempt to capture the experiences of those closest to men with prostate cancer, identify the issues affecting them, and set an agenda for action to support them.

The EU-PROPER (Europa Uomo Prostate cancer Partners in Europe Research) study centres around an online survey for spouses, partners and caregivers, asking simple questions about how their partner’s prostate cancer has affected them. The survey is available in 17 languages.

You can access it here.

Europa Uomo has published a range of materials to help publicise the survey, and is asking organisations who may have contact with prostate patients and their partners to use them in their communications, newsletters and social media. You can access the publicity materials here.

All the responses collected from the survey will be anonymous, but combined they will present a valuable picture of the issues being faced by those close to men with prostate cancer – and provide action point for decision-makers in health services.

Europa Uomo Chairman Guenther Carl says it is well-known that prostate cancer has a significant impact on spouses and partners. Now it is time to try and pin down the exact effects in a formal study. “If we can find out what would really help partners, it could have a significant impact on the type of support provided after diagnosis,” he says. “We would ask everyone who can to participate in or publicise our survey.”

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