26 March 2019

Europa Uomo’s Secretary addresses the European Association of Urology

Quality of life for men with prostate cancer is a priority for clinicians, scientists and patient groups in the coming year, Europa Uomo’s Secretary told a high level session at this year’s EAU (European Association of Urology) Congress in Barcelona.

Speaking at the European School of Oncology (ESO) Prostate Cancer Observatory meeting, alongside leading urologists and researchers, John Dowling said that profession should have the quality of life of patients with prostate cancer as a foremost concern when deciding on treatment and professional priorities.

The session allowed leaders in the field of prostate cancer to give a forecast for the next year. They discussed the growing consensus that mpMRI scans should precede biopsy in diagnosis, and patient support for the option of active surveillance.

“Patients are sometimes quite willing to trade off some degree of overall longevity for quality of life and quality of life will improve if some of the things we heard about today become mainstream,” said John Dowling, being interviewed for EAU TV after the session.