16 December 2021

New report from European Cancer Organisation stresses important role of nurses

A new report from the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) calls for policy action to address the significant challenges faced by men with metastatic prostate cancer in Europe.

“The crucial importance of multidisciplinary cancer care and the central role of nurses, as well as the need for better pan-European data on prostate cancer, should all be recognised and utilised to address these challenges,” say the President of ECO Matti Aapro and Kathy Oliver of the ECO Patient Advisory Committee.

The report, “Making Hope Reality: Action on Treatment and Care for Metastatic Cancer Patients”, concludes on a round-table events held in October 2021 involving patient advocates, cancer experts and policy makers.

It focuses in particular on policy challenges in respect to metastatic breast, prostate and lung cancer. Among those participating at the roundtable event was Ken Mastris, former Chairman of Europa Uomo and a trustee of its UK member organisation Tackle. He said that the incidence of advanced prostate cancer in some countries is likely to reflect late detection, caused by lack of awareness of the necessity for early detection or a lack of proper diagnostic tools.

The report proposes three policy recommendations to address the challenges faced by men with metastatic prostate cancer:

  • Prostate cancer policy needs to go beyond early detection and realise opportunities to improve treatment
  • There should be a European Commission Initiative on Prostate Cancer, similar to that which exists for breast cancer, to achieve a broader focus
  • The role of nurses as a critical coordinator of care for patients needs to be better appreciated: policy initiatives such as the forthcoming EU inter-specialty cancer training programme could promote better understanding

The report is available for download from the ECO website.