24 May 2024

Guenther Carl addresses the Europa Uomo Masterclass in Milan

Screening programmes that filter out the men most at risk of prostate cancer will provide reassurance to the majority, and bring significant reductions in both suffering and costs, said Europa Uomo Chairman Guenther Carl during the first day of the Europa Uomo Masterclass in Milan.

He provided a summary of recent prostate cancer initiatives in Europe following the European Commission’s decision to recommend prostate cancer screening programmes, including the PRAISE-U initiative, and looked forward to organised programmes that would benefit everyone.

“We know from Swedish and German figures and from other sources that 98% of men are not at risk of prostate cancer. So what we want to do is to be able to find the black sheep, the 2% with clinically significant prostate cancer, out of all the white sheep. If you don’t try to cure them, we have the end and that is not what anyone wants.”

“The rest you can send home secure in the knowledge that they do not have prostate cancer.”

Guenther Carl pointed out that the average cost of prostate cancer intervention in Europe at the moment is around €14,000. But if the cancer is advanced the cost is €240,000.  Not screening for prostate cancer to catch it early, was “economically nonsense” he said.

Other speakers at the Masterclass included cancer epidemiologist Marco Zappa, psychologist Lara Bellardita, active surveillance expert Cristina Marenghi and surgeon Bernardo Rocco.

Eric Briers provided delegates with information about the Europa Uomo Summer School, and with Hein Van Poppel gave a presentation charting 20 years of Europa Uomo.