22 November 2022

Europa Uomo member organisations continue Movember activities

Europa Uomo member organisation activities to raise awareness of prostate cancer – and funds to fight the disease – have continued throughout November/Movember.

The Norwegian Prostate Cancer Association (PROFO) has been engaging in a widespread national “Bartekampen” (“moustache fight”) campaign, alerting both men and women to the importance of prostate cancer early detection. The campaign features Norwegian women celebrities wearing false moustaches (pictured).

“Furthermore, we aim to raise funds for supporting more research in Norway on prostate cancer,” says Andreas Hole, Managing Director of the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Association. “We raised 2 million Norwegian kroner last year.”

In Portugal, APDProstata is participating in awareness-raising activities in Lisbon barber shops, running seminars for the public and in businesses and organising a beach walk at Oporto to inform the public about the importance of PSA testing.

And Europa Uomo Slovakia (EUS) activities have continued with a press conference in a boat on the Danube river (pictured below) at which participants included the Slovak Republic Minister of Health, the President of the Slovak Urological Society and the President of the Cancer League. “We at EUS are very happy that we have successfully actively participated in the Movember event,” says Jozef Blažek of EUS. “The Europa Uomo logo is displayed everywhere. In addition, we received a grant of €5,000 for this event.”