2 September 2019

Have you sent it to anyone you know who has had a PCa diagnosis?

Have you completed the Europa Uomo quality of life survey yet? Have you shared it with your networks? Have you sent it to anyone you know who has had a PCa diagnosis?

Now is the time. Just click on this link, or copy and paste it to your contacts.

The survey was launched on 21st August, and according to Europa Uomo Chair Andre Deschamps the early response to the survey from member organisations has been strong.

“The thanks of the Board must go the officers and members of all national and regional prostate cancer support organisations for their contribution to making this survey a great success,” he said, adding that more responses were now needed from the wider community of men with prostate cancer.

“This survey is probably the most important initiative ever launched by Europa Uomo since its inception in 2003. We recognise that collecting completed surveys is only the beginning of a long journey, building on its results to improve policy.”

“The Board also recognises the valuable advice and support provided by our partner organisations EAU, ESO and OCA as well as the generous financial support for the project from pharma companies Bayer, Ipsen and Janssen.”

You can find further information about the survey here