19 November 2019

Overwhelming response from 24 European countries

Europa Uomo has now closed its quality of life survey, after an overwhelming response from 24 European countries. Around 3,000 of prostate cancer patients completed our questionnaire, which explored experiences of treatment and life afterwards.

The number of respondents is three times Europa Uomo’s original target for a minimum response. This means that the findings, when published, will hold even greater weight – highlighting the factors that matter most to men and how their lives might be improved.

“I would like to thank all the individual patients who took the time and effort to fill in the questionnaire and who were prepared to share information about their quality of life,” said André Deschamps, Europa Uomo Chair. He also thanked Europa Uomo’s member organisations and partner organisations who “contributed to the success of the survey by promoting it so generously and effectively.”

“The survey could not have proceeded without the generous sponsorship and support of our sponsors – Bayer, Ipsen and Janssen.”

The results will now be aggregated to ensure anonymity, compiled and analysed. The Board will consider the initial report from the survey as soon as it is available and will publish the results in 2020. A first descriptive analysis will be made available at the European Association of Urology’s Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU) conference in Dublin on 19th January 2020.

“We expect to publish further results and analysis at the time of the EAU20 Congress in Amsterdam in mid-March 2020,” said André Deschamps.