13 September 2021

Patient sessions at this year’s event highlighted many unmet needs

Prostate cancer patients and their organisations around Europe are being invited to submit proposals for presentations at next year’s European Association of Urologists (EAU) Congress, following the success of patient sessions at this year’s event.

A review of the patient session at the 2021 EAU Congress concluded that it provided important messages for clinicians, healthcare providers and the healthcare industry. There were several sessions including contributions from Europa Uomo and its member organisations, including one on prostate cancer involving Board members Erik Briers and Ernst-Guenther Carl (pictured).

The sessions centred on patient involvement and engagement, communication, collaboration, support, finance and procedures, said the review, conducted by the EAU Patient Information section. The key messages from the sessions highlighted “the clear unmet need for those living with and beyond urological cancer” and addressed ways in “which healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry can better work with patient advocates to address these”.

The EAU says it wants to build on “this pioneering initiative which will undoubtedly shape and improve the future management of urological disease”. So it will also be running a Patient Day at the EAU22 Congress which will be held on 18th-21st March 2022 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  The theme will be addressing the unmet needs identified at this year’s Congress:

  • physical and psychological well-being
  • finance and work
  • patient involvement in clinical research, and development of care pathways and clinical practice guidelines
  • patient engagement /advocacy in healthcare policy

Prostate cancer patients and their organisations are being encouraged to propose presentations on solutions, novel approaches and best practices around these areas. To find out more about what is required, and how to prepare a submission, go to the EAU Patient Day page. The deadline for submissions is 1st December.