26 July 2021

Talks about the experience of treatment and after are made available free

Presentations from men who have experience of prostate cancer and their partners feature in new online material about life with the disease and after treatment, provided free online by the European Association of Urology (EAU).

Sessions on prostate cancer and life after treatment, which featured as part of the patient day at the EAU Congress earlier this month, are available to view via the UROsource website.

Among the speakers in the prostate cancer session were Europa Uomo Chairman André Deschamps and Europa Uomo Board member Erik Briers. André Deschamps also spoke in the session on life after treatment, presenting findings from the EUPROMS study, alongside past Europa Uomo Chairman Ken Mastris and Europa Uomo Board member Ernst-Günther Carl.

Another speaker in the session, which attracted 171 delegates, was Jacqueline Daly, Director of Services for a cancer support organisation in Ireland, whose husband had a radical prostatectomy after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

In a talk entitled “I wish we knew then what we know now” she spoke of her husband’s despair after receiving treatment and suffering severe side effects. “It was like living a nightmare”, she said. As a consequence of their experiences, they formed a local support group, produced a DVD about prostate cancer surgery aftercare and wrote a programme of steps that need to be taken to support patients after prostate cancer surgery.