13 March 2023

Europa Uomo announces new findings from EUPROMS research

New results from Europa Uomo’s EUPROMS quality of life research, announced at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress in Milan, confirm the significant impact that treatment for prostate cancer has on men’s quality of life.

They show that sexual function and urinary continence are most affected by treatment, with 75% of men who have received prostate cancer treatment rating their sexual performance as poor or very poor, and 35.5% of men using at least one urinary pad after treatment.

The new EUPROMS results were announced at the Monday “gamechanging” session of the EAU Congress by André Deschamps, immediate past Chairman of Europa Uomo. They combine the findings of the first EUPROMS survey, conducted in 2019, with the findings of the EUPROMS 2.0 study, completed in January this year, providing a perspective on life after treatment from 5,464 men with prostate cancer living across Europe, North America and Australia.

“The results of the EUPROMS 1.0 and 2.0 surveys combined provide a different and additional perspective compared to the outcomes published in clinical studies,” said André Deschamps. “They should be discussed with the patients before treatment. They should encourage better and longer aftercare.

With this in mind, Europa Uomo has today launched a new booklet presenting the results of both the EUPROMS 1.0 and EUPROMS 2.0 studies. This is designed to provide patient-centred information about some of the effects of treatment, which patients can discuss with their clinicians before making decisions about which treatment to have.

The booklet can be downloaded here.

Other EUPROMS findings announced at the EAU Congress were:

  • Those who had received prostatectomy and radiotherapy both experienced a significant reduction in sexual-function-related quality of life – with scores three times lower than those on active surveillance
  • 20% of men had good erections after prostatectomy or radiotherapy treatment, compared with 58% on active surveillance
  • 47% of men treated with prostatectomy had to use at least one incontinence pad a day after treatment

EUPROMS 2.0 update

Men who responded to the EUPROMS 2.0 survey indicating that they would be interested in completing a follow-up survey after one year will have received an email, linking to the survey. The third and final reminder to respond will be sent on 16th March.