1 June 2023

Europa Uomo article in European Urology Focus is available for download

Prostate cancer patients who have been treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy experience more fatigue and insomnia scores than those treated with the other treatment modalities. These are among the EUPROMS 2.0 findings included in a new paper written by Europa Uomo representatives and researchers from Erasmus University and published in the journal European Urology Focus.

The paper emphasises that the findings of the second EUPROMS (Europa Uomo Patient Reported Outcome Study) survey, which gained responses from 3571 men, “can be used to direct toward a better patient-doctor relationship, to offer patients ready access to responsible information and a better understanding of their disease and treatment”.

It is now available to download from this website.

As in the first EUPROMS study, the impact of treatment is most prominently seen on the urinary incontinence and sexual function, the authors say.

They also comment on the value of the findings on shared decision making, which indicate, for example, that two thirds of men felt that their doctor weighed all the treatment options with them.

“There will always be a share of patients who prefer that the doctor makes the final treatment decision,” they say. “However, when men realise that shared decision-making encompasses more than just making the final treatment decision, they can still feel engaged and actively involved in the shared decision-making process, potentially influencing future feelings of decisional regret.”