23 June 2023

New paper reinforces importance of EUPROMS findings

A new paper in the Journal of Cancer Policy has emphasised the importance of patients thoroughly understanding their cancer diagnosis, treatment options and possible physical and psychological side effects.

“If patients are informed and engaged at all stages following a cancer diagnosis, they will be able to play a more active role and become engaged participants in their healthcare rather than passive recipients,” says the paper, prepared by representatives of the European Cancer Organisation and the Anticancer Fund along with Hein Van Poppel from the European Association of Urology. “This will also help in areas such as coping with uncertainties associated with their cancer diagnosis and the importance of treatment adherence.”

The paper comes as Europa Uomo is preparing translated versions of its PowerPoint presentation showing the combined results of its two EUPROMS quality of life studies. Alongside a EUPROMS patient booklet, the presentations are designed to provide information about the long term effects of treatment that can be used in conversations with doctors when deciding on treatment.

The EUPROMS surveys indicate that shared decision making does not always happen in prostate cancer, with one third of men feeling that their doctor did not help them weigh all the treatment options.