27 May 2020

Chairman of Austrian group encourages men to offer their expertise

The co-founder of Austria’s first self-help group for prostate cancer patients has published a video calling on men with prostate cancer to offer their expertise to healthcare researchers during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Ekkehard Büchler, Chairman of the Selbsthilfe Prostatakrebs, a Europa Uomo member organisation, has begun collaborating with the Medical University of Vienna on a project aimed at involving patients in oncology.

“Researchers usually work on improved diagnostics without our help,” says Büchler, “but they want to find out what really matters to us as patients and what research they should focus on.”

The experience has led him to encourage other men with prostate cancer to be similarly active at a time when many feel vulnerable. His video is available in English and German.

“In the time of COVID-19 we have had to cancel all our events, and are isolated at home in order to survive as healthily as possible, but this doesn’t mean we are inactive,” he says.

“Find out where you can currently provide your expertise from home. Researchers and other actors need our knowledge and experience to support us in attaining our most important goals.”