19 October 2023

Survey is gathering views on early detection across Europe

Europa Uomo is urging its member organisations and all prostate cancer patients to complete a survey which will help make personalised and risk-based prostate cancer screening programmes a reality across Europe.

The survey is part of the European Union’s PRAISE-U project, which aims to design a cost-effective formula for early detection that can be used in all countries, following the European Commission’s recent decision to encourage prostate cancer screening. The project involves 25 institutions from 12 countries, including Europa Uomo, and will provide guidelines and quality assurance tools to be used in early detection pilot programmes.

“One of the tasks in the project is learning more about the opinion of patients and professionals on screening,” says Erik Briers, Europa Uomo’s PRAISE-U lead. “This can be achieved through the survey, aiming to assess different countries’ practices and policies surrounding prostate cancer screening.”

“Please take the survey so that PRAISE-U knows what we, as patients, think of screening and the important issues that stand in the way of lowering the number of prostate cancer deaths and the number of men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.”

Europa Uomo has emailed all its member organisations asking them to publicise the survey among their membership. It is also open to urologists, cancer organisations, researchers and health service co-ordinators.

The survey can be accessed in many languages at Password: praise_U