24 January 2024

First EU-PROPER results due to be presented in April

Europa Uomo’s international survey examining the experience of partners of men with prostate cancer has obtained 1135 valid responses – far more than initially expected. The data is now being analysed, and the first results are expected to be presented at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress in April.

The large response means that EU-PROPER (Europa Uomo Prostate cancer Partners in Europe Research) will be one of the most authoritative studies ever conducted into the issues affecting those close to men with prostate cancer, setting the basis for actions to support them.

“We’re delighted that the response has been much better than we initially expected,” said André Deschamps, Europa Uomo Past Chairman, who has co-ordinated EU-PROPER.  “We’d like to thank everyone who completed the survey and helped publicise it. It could result in a much greater focus on how prostate cancer affects lives beyond those who have the disease.”

The first findings are due to be presented at the EAU Congress in Paris. More detailed findings will then be published in the European Urology Focus journal before the end of 2024. Europa Uomo will also be preparing and publicising presentations and booklets summarising the findings later in the year.