1 March 2019

New policy paper from Europa Uomo and EAU

A European PSA-based screening programme for prostate cancer is on its way, according to the European Association of Urology (EAU).

Following publication of a new policy paper on prostate cancer screening, published with Europa Uomo and other organisations, EAU has announced it will be making the case for screening at important European meetings.

It will be promoting the issue at the EU’s Innovative Partnership on Action Against Cancer (IPAAC) WP5 meeting on 20th May, and at the Romanian EU Presidency Conference on cancer prevention and cancer monitoring and data use. The hope is to influence cancer control plans of EU member states.

This follows a meeting of European influencers at the European Parliament about the need for population-based prostate cancer screening programmes at a European level. The event, held on European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day (EPAD 19) on 22nd January, was hosted by Members of the European Parliament against Cancer Group. It focused on how early diagnosis will improve outcomes in prostate cancer patients across Europe.

Europa Uomo Chair Andre Deschamps made a plea for a new strategy across the EU, based on increasing awareness, promoting PSA-led screening and treatment in specialised cancer centres.

“Early treatment for prostate cancer lowers the risk of incontinence and impotence significantly, while treatment at metastatic phase has a negative effect on the quality of life,” he said. “There is a big opportunity to improve the quality of life if early detection is achieved in combination with avoidance of overtreatment.”

EAU Policy Coordinator, Michelle Battye, said that urgent action is required to ensure the new Commission is mandated to support EU Member States including prostate cancer screening programmes in their national cancer plans.

Further details are available in our news story about the new screening policy paper, and in EAU’s report of the EPAD 19 meeting.