8 June 2020

Members hear about breakthrough study and new website

Representatives from Europa Uomo’s 27 member organisations gathered online for the organisation’s first virtual General Assembly on Saturday. They heard presentations on activity, accounts and budgets, changes to statutes, candidates for Board election and member applications.

André Deschamps, Europa Uomo Chairman, presented the findings of the EUPROMS quality of life study, and consulted the group on how to take results forward. He said the meeting, though experimental, had gone well.

“It was a shame there was little opportunity for interaction but that is the nature of an online event,” he said. “I think there was a lot of appreciation for what we have achieved this year.”

Because of a technical issue, voting on some issues had to be repeated by email. The results of voting will be announced shortly.

Also at the meeting, Simon Crompton, Europa Uomo’s communications consultant, introduced delegates to the new Europa Uomo website.

The website, he said, can now showcase the work of Europa Uomo and its members, and has the potential to develop as a vital information hub for men with prostate cancer around Europe.

It is available in over 100 languages, at the touch of the “translate” button at the top of each page.

He outlined three ways that member group can use the new website:

  • Submit news and information about their organisation’s activity
  • Submit stories about the experience of men with prostate cancer
  • Follow Europa Uomo on Facebook and Twitter, where they will see website updates.

If you have any contributions or feedback, please contact