19 February 2024

Board members will give organisation a high profile in Paris

Europa Uomo will bring a strong patient presence to Europe’s largest urology conference this year, with four of its Board members making presentations.

The European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress will be held in Paris on 5th to 8thin the 10th ESO Observatory on Prostate Cancer session April, and one of the prestigious “Game changing” sessions will feature Europa Uomo’s immediate Past Chairman, André Deschamps, presenting results from the EU-ProPER study into the experiences of the partners of men with prostate cancer.

The session is entitled: “Living with a prostate cancer patient: Real world evidence from the unprecedented Europa Uomo Prostate cancer Partners in Europe Research (EU-ProPER) study” and will be held on the morning of Sunday, 7th April.

Also speaking at the Congress will be Europa Uomo Chairman Guenther Carl, Vice Chairman Erik Briers and Board member Marko Koivuneva.

Guenther Carl will be speaking about the patients' perspective of risk-adapted screening strategy in a plenary session, and will be providing a patient’s perspective in the 10th European School of Oncology (ESO) Observatory on Prostate Cancer session.

Erik Briers will be discussing why patient involvement in EAU data initiatives is essential, in a thematic session. He will also be providing a patient perspective in a discussion on active surveillance versus focal therapy in intermediate risk disease.

And Marko Koivuneva will be participating in a roundtable discussion on inflammatory bladder at the EAU Patient Day on 5th April.

Go to the EAU Congress website for more details about the congress programme and how to register.