9 June 2021

Cooperation is key to achieving best solutions for patients, says Chairman

Europa Uomo has been admitted as a full member to the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) – a leading voice in patient advocacy across Europe. EPF contributes a cross-disease patient perspective to European policy-making, campaigning on issues that have a direct impact on patients’ lives.

It currently represents 77 patient organisations across Europe and Europa Uomo is one of the latest additions. “EPF is proud to have Europa Uomo as a full member,” said a forum spokesperson. “EPF’s family is getting bigger!”

Europa Uomo Chairman André Deschamps said that it was important to have a strong, joint patient voice across Europe. Many of the issues that concern EPF – such as the impact of COVID-19, applications of digital health, and capacity building and leadership in patient support groups – are of direct relevance to men with prostate cancer.

“We believe cooperation is key to achieving the best solutions for patients," he said. "Now we are a full member of EPF, we look forward to participating in many projects and training events.”