17 March 2019

Three pillars of action needed to help men with prostate cancer

Presentations by Europa Uomo at urologists’ international meeting in Barcelona have emphasised the importance of three pillars of action to help men with prostate cancer: increased awareness, early detection and treatment in specialist multidisciplinary centres.

Hundreds of urologists gathered in Spain for the annual congress of the European Association of Urology (EAU). At the start of the event, John Dowling, Europa Uomo’s Secretary, made a presentation outlining the need for change at a meeting organised by the European School of Oncology’s Prostate Cancer Observatory on innovation and care.

On Sunday, he made a presentation at the EAUPatient Information session. He quoted the results of a Europa Uomo survey which indicated that just 48% of men are aware of prostate cancer risks and PSA testing. There was a lack of patient information and offer of active surveillance for low risk prostate cancer patients in Europe, he said.

And he drew attention to the significant impact that metastasis and treatment side effects could have on the quality of life of men living with prostate cancer.