20 November 2023

Activities during Movember educate and engage communities

Europa Uomo member organisations have been raising awareness of prostate cancer and men’s health during national prostate cancer months and "Movember".

In the Netherlands, the Prostaatkankerstichting has released a series of three videos to mark Movember, each featuring a man who tells their own experience of prostate cancer. They tell how they discovered they had the condition and provide personal tips to other men who receive a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Europa Uomo Cyprus held a three-day cycling event, passing through 31 villages, using the event to raise awareness and promote healthy lifestyles (see picture above). “The involvement of the villages, along with visits to schools and communities, suggests a strong community engagement and support for such a meaningful cause,” said Ioannis Vanezos of Europa Uomo Cyprus. “This event contributed to spreading important health messages and creating a positive impact on the community."

In Malta, Movember activities have been linked with “Pink October” where awareness is raised of breast cancer, so that the two months have seen a major push to inform the public about both male and female cancers through lectures, information stands at college fairs, and awareness seminars. Fundraising events included a “Starry Night Gala”.

Europa Uomo Italia issued a special Movember magazine, held a news conference to publicise the findings of the Europa Uomo EUPROMS quality of life study and published an Italian language booklet of the study’s findings.

“We wanted to strongly emphasise the need to implement in Italy the EU recommendation on the early diagnosis of prostate cancer through a pilot project and also the need to invest in the creation of prostate units,” says Cosimo Pieri of Europa Uomo Italia.

In some countries, member organisations held activities during Prostate Cancer Awareness month in September.

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