16 September 2022

Representatives give patient perspective at ESMO Congress 2022

Europa Uomo had a significant presence at one of the year’s most important gatherings of cancer specialists, spreading word about its prostate cancer quality of life studies, discussing the prospect of new awareness campaigns and participating in a workshop about bone problems with cancer.

Here Europa Uomo’s Chairman Guenther Carl reports on the ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) Congress 2022, held in Paris on 9-13 September.

Guenther Carl writes: We went to Paris with three main objectives. First, we wanted to present the results of our EUPROMS 2.0 quality of life study, and exchange ideas about other possible surveys next year with our sponsors.

In the patient advocate session, André Deschamps gave a convincing presentation about EUPROMS 1.0 and 2.0, stating that the studies have very similar results – confirming the findings that we have already published. Around 80% of all the data cover treatment within the past five years, so it reflects the current situation. A scientific paper on the EUPROMS 2.0 data is in preparation and will be published shortly. The remaining data will be disseminated and we hope to provide summaries in different languages to our members in the first quarter of 2023.

Second, we wanted to discuss the possibility of running awareness campaigns highlighting the need for prostate cancer early detection with various stakeholders. This is especially relevant in the light of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan, and the prospect of prostate cancer screening programmes across Europe. We exchanged ideas on how to get awareness raising into local activities.

Finally, I moderated an ESMO panel addressing the issue of bone health in cancer, particularly bone metastases. The event brought together oncologists, palliative and supportive care specialists, oncology nurses, and patient advocates to discuss what bone health problems can occur in cancer, what therapies are available to treat bone metastases, the risk of cancer treatment-related bone loss and what can be done to improve well-being.

ESMO has published a new patient guide on bone health which can be downloaded from the ESMO website.

Pictured above: Europa Uomo representatives on the panel for the ESMO bone health in cancer event. From left to right: Guenther Carl, Europa Uomo Chairman;  Eugenia Trigoso Arjona and Nikolina Dodlek, representatives from the European Oncology Nursing Society ; André Deschamps, Europa Uomo Past Chairman