10 January 2024

Help us mark two decades of achievement

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the legal foundation of Europa Uomo – the first international organisation for men with prostate cancer, run by men with prostate cancer.

"It's a significant anniversary because, if you look at the number of men with prostate cancer we represent through our 26 member organisations, we are one of the most important patient organisations in Europe," says Vice Chairman Erik Briers, a founder member of Europa Uomo. "We are truly patient-led."

Europa Uomo was begun informally in Rome in 2002, at a meeting examining unmet needs in men with prostate cancer, instigated by Dr Alberto Costa and Professor Umberto Veronesi.

But it was formally constituted in 2003, when a constitution and manifesto were agreed at a meeting in the Oncology Centre, Antwerp. From the start, and continuing since, the organisation has received support from the European School of Oncology (ESO) and the European Association of Urology (EAU) and from the Oncology Centre Antwerp until its closure.

This year, Europa Uomo will be celebrating its anniversary with special events at its General Assembly in Milan in May. It will also be publishing messages, memories and pictures on its website.

If you have any memories of Europa Uomo over the years, pictures, or words you would like to say to mark the anniversary, please send them to

Pictured: Europa Uomo representatives attending the 2008 EAU Congress in Milan, including founders Louis Denis (third from left), Alberto Costa (third from right) and Tom Hudson (second from right).