1 May 2020

A more co-ordinated approach on prostate cancer is needed says Europa Uomo

The EU’s Cancer Plan provides a unique opportunity to bring a more co-ordinated approach to prostate cancer, say Europa Uomo and the European Association of Urology (EAU) in a new White Paper designed to set an agenda for action.

As the consultation period for the EU Cancer Plan 2021-2025 comes to an end, the submission highlights the importance of early detection, high quality care, quality of life and research into ways of discriminating between significant and insignificant prostate cancer.

An update on an earlier White Paper, produced in 2017, the White Paper is published by EAU but was developed with Europa Uomo, Movember, the European Cancer Patient Coalition and the European Alliance of Personalised Medicine. The paper is fully in line with Europa Uomo’s policies, and includes important recommendations on early detection and quality of life.

  • In early detection programmes, there should be a strong understanding in patients and clinicians that active surveillance is a viable treatment option
  • Care should be patient-centred, multidisciplinary and follow the model of prostate cancer centres of excellence or prostate cancer units
  • Survivorship plans for men with prostate cancer should be part of national cancer plans.

“This document reflects the latest developments and knowledge gathered,” says Andre Deschamps. “It speaks about early detection, cancer care in a multidisciplinary approach, active surveillance as an option for treatment and the importance of quality of life.”

“In following these recommendations, the EU parliament will contribute to better care for all prostate cancer patients. The knowledge of how to beat prostate cancer and substantially reduce deaths is available today. We just need to integrate that knowledge into daily practice.”