25 October 2021

Information about Europa Uomo’s latest quality of life survey

Europa Uomo is inviting men with prostate cancer in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia to take part in its second quality of life survey, EUPROMS 2.0. This will gather information about the experience of prostate cancer and answer important questions raised after the analysis of the original EUPROMS data.

You can access and complete the survey here.

Will the information in the survey be safe and secure?
Absolutely. Individuals' data cannot be seen by anybody connected with Europa Uomo. The responses will be processed by an independent third party, Ydeal, an expert in surveys of this kind. The data will be anonymised and aggregated to ensure confidentiality. Any links to individuals who completed the survey will be deleted.

Why is this survey so important?
This is an opportunity to gather honest first-hand information from real patients. Using the best established survey methodology and employing independent survey specialists, the information will be used to answer vital questions such as:

  • Is the quality of life of men with prostate cancer better if early detection programmes are in use?
  • Is quality of life better if men are treated in multidisciplinary centres?
  • To what extent does quality of life decline in the later stages, when patients are receiving ADT and chemotherapy?.

How will the data be used?
The information collected will enable Europa Uomo and its partners to advocate with decision-makers in Europe. It will inform patients on the wider impacts affecting men with prostate cancer and help them make treatment choices. It will allow inter-country comparison of the effects of prostate cancer on patients, their partners and families and provide a basis for action to remove disparities. Patient organisations will be better equipped to make informed representations to organisations and policy makers and push for improvements for men prostate cancer and their families.

How do you start the survey?
If you have not already received an email invitation from your national prostate patient organisation to complete the survey, you can take part by simply clicking the link at the end of this article, selecting the language in which you wish to complete the survey and then answering the questions. We ask that you only complete the survey once, even if you receive more than one invitation.

Must I be a member of a national or regional prostate cancer patient organisation to complete the survey? 
No. If you are or have been a prostate cancer patient and want to take part in the survey, click on the link below and proceed with the survey. You can also complete the survey on behalf of someone who has prostate cancer, but who is unable to complete the survey themselves. The survey will record the responses automatically once submitted. Completion of the survey means automatic inclusion in the results.

I completed your original EUPROMS survey. Does that mean I cannot take part in EUPROMS 2.0?
No. We want everyone who completed the first EUPROMS study to complete EUPROMS 2.0 as well, if they can.

How long will it take to complete the survey?
About 25 minutes if you are answering the survey in your own language. If you are using another language the time taken depends on your abilities in that language.

Can I help publicise the survey to others?
Yes – we want as many men who have had prostate cancer to complete the survey as possible. We have produced a downloadable A4 flyer in many languages, for you to download and print or share online. We have also produced social media tiles which you can share on Twitter and Facebook. You can download the resources here.

If you have any other questions, please contact:

Click here to complete the survey