17 January 2022

Quality of life survey closes and analysis begins

Europa Uomo’s latest EUPROMS survey has now closed – with more than 3,600 men with experience of prostate cancer around Europe having completed a detailed questionnaire about quality of life after treatment.

“This is a magnificent response to EUPROMS 2.0,” says Europe Uomo Chairman Andre Deschamps, “and is 20% more than that from our original EUPROMS survey. Thank you to everyone who responded – your efforts will result in important findings which we can then use to try and achieve change for men with prostate cancer.”

The largest response came from the Netherlands (845), followed by Norway (782) and Germany (368).

The data, which is anonymised, is already being processed by Professor Monique Roobol and her team of urology researchers at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. The first early results are due to be reported at the European Association of Urology Congress in Amsterdam in March this year.