29 November 2021

Prominent MEP calls for inclusion of targeted prostate screening in Beating Cancer plan

A leading European politician has called on the EU to recognise the severity of the threat posed by prostate cancer, and to extend targeted screening to include the disease in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

“If the EU is sincere about beating cancer, then it needs to extend the scope of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to include prostate cancer and the use of PSA screening tests to boost early detection,” says MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou in an article for Parliament magazine.

Ms Asimakopoulou, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee, has worked with the Hellenic Urological Association to raise the issue of the prostate cancer early detection with the European Commission.

“The EU needs to recognise the progress that PSA screening has made in recent years in incorporating new technology and ensuring the early detection of prostate cancer and reducing the number of men in the EU who die from the disease,” writes Ms Asimakopoulou in the article written to mark European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day.