10 February 2021

Europa Uomo will be working to follow up European Commission announcement

Europa Uomo is working to provide further evidence to support the European Commission’s decision to consider targeted screening for prostate cancer, announced last week as part of the EU Beating Cancer Plan.

The Commission’s proposal to consider “extending targeted cancer screening… to include additional cancers, such as prostate, lung and gastric cancer” is the first time an EU cancer plan has specifically mentioned prostate cancer, says Europa Uomo Chairman André Deschamps.

“This result is mainly thanks to the efforts of Europa Uomo and the European Association of Urology (EAU). We both have submitted white papers, scientific evidence and spoken to many MEPs about the need for early detection in prostate cancer.  I also believe that our EUPROMS quality of life study substantially contributed to this result, so special thanks must now go to all the patients who were willing to answer our survey.”

But campaigning and information work needs to continue, said André Dechamps. “The door is half open, but we need to work hard this year to ensure that it is not closed again. There is still some scientific evidence to be generated. That is why the board of Europa Uomo is considering a follow-up to the EUPROMS study to fill possible remaining gaps.”