26 October 2020

Input from men with advanced disease needed to fill research gaps

A new Europe-wide project is using the power of big data to provide high-quality evidence on the best ways to manage prostate cancer. It has found critical gaps in current knowledge and is making an urgent call to men with advanced prostate cancer to help them fill them.

The PIONEER study wants to find out what treatment outcomes matter most to men with advanced prostate cancer and good ways to measure them. This can help drive treatment and care in the future.

“To ensure that men who have received treatment for advanced prostate cancer have their views factored into research and management, it is imperative that we ask about and listen to their experiences,” says Dr Sheela Tripathee of Aberdeen University who is coordinating the research.

“Our aim is to understand what outcomes are important to them and the decision-making process. How do individuals process diagnosis and cope with the treatment burden? What effect does it have on identity?”

Can you help? PIONEER researchers would like to interview anyone over the age of 18 who is receiving or has received either ADT or chemotherapy treatment since an advanced prostate cancer diagnosis. Interviews will last 30-45 minutes and will be conducted virtually.

Contact and see the PIONEER Interview Study Information Booklet for more information.