26 September 2022

New Europa Uomo webinar explores the applications of Prostate Predict

How can men with prostate cancer and their clinicians be best supported to properly assess the risks and benefits of active surveillance, when making key decisions about the way forward?

The question will be the subject of the latest of Europa Uomo’s online webinars exploring issues in active surveillance as they affect prostate cancer patients. The new event will focus on an online tool called “Prostate Predict” – which, for each patient, compares the predicted outcomes from active surveillance with radical treatments such as surgery and radiotherapy.

The evidence-based tool, which can support the patient-urologist conversations when decision-making, was developed by urologist Professor Vincent J Gnanapragasam and his colleagues from the University of Cambridge in the UK. At the webinar, Professor Gnanapragasam will explain now Prostate Predict works, how it balances the risks and benefits of different approaches, and what it offers to men with prostate cancer and their clinicians.

The Zoom webinar is free to join. It will be held on Wednesday, 26th October at 1900 Central European Time. The Zoom-link is: