2 August 2022

Europa Uomo Cyprus spreads the word about early detection

Europa Uomo’s member organisation in Cyprus is getting prostate cancer early detection messages moving around the cities of Limassol and Nicosia – by bicycle.

In a new five-month campaign, Europa Uomo Cyprus is running campaign messages on 30 “Nextbike” public bicycles, at bicycle stations, in printed advertisements and on social media. The message, alongside the name of Europa Uomo, is “Act fast: prostate cancer concerns all of us”. Some panels read: “One in seven men gets prostate cancer: don’t be the one”.

Europa Uomo is supporting the branch with the costs of the campaign.

Stelios Kyriakou of Europa Uomo Cyprus, said: “We believe this campaign will help in the recognition of Europa Uomo and also in the awareness of young people about prostate cancer.”