5 November 2020

Europa Uomo presents new findings from EUPROMS study

Four in ten men who have been treated for prostate cancer say they are anxious or depressed to some extent, with problems getting worse the more advanced the cancer.

This is one of the new findings of Europa Uomo’s EUPROMS quality of life study to be published this month to mark Movember and in the run-up to European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day on 17th November.

Europa Uomo will shortly be publishing new graphics-based presentations of findings from EUPROMS (Europa Uomo Patient Reported Outcome Study) – the first ever prostate cancer quality of life research conducted by patients for patients, which gathered information from 3,000 men with prostate cancer around Europe.

Europa Uomo will be disseminating the results through a new Powerpoint presentation, available for members and others to download, and a new EUPROMS page on its website. The presentations include new findings on mental health in men with prostate cancer.

The study indicates that men who have had radiotherapy with ADT, and those who have had chemotherapy – treatments associated with more advanced cancer – have the highest levels of anxiety and depression. But men on active surveillance have higher levels of depression and anxiety than those who have been treated with radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy.

“This may be related to the long-term worry that can be brought by regular testing, and the fact that treatment decisions may still have to be made,” said Europa Uomo Chairman André Deschamps.

André Deschamps will be presenting and discussing the EUPROMS findings during Movember, at the virtual European Multidisciplinary Congress on Urological Cancers (13th-14th November) and the European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day online meeting (17th November).