The EU-PROPER partners’ study

We need to know more about the experiences of partners of men with prostate cancer

Prostate cancer affects partners and caregivers, as well as those receiving treatment. What could be done to help them?

Europa Uomo has launched a new study looking at the experiences of partners of men with prostate cancer, and the physical and psychological burdens the disease imposes on them. It will help define unmet needs and provide an agenda for action.

The study, named EU-PROPER (Europa Uomo Prostate cancer Partners in Europe Research), is centred on an online survey available in 17 languages. The survey has now ended.

More about EU-PROPER

This unique study is examining the experiences of partners of men with prostate cancer. It will measure the burden that the disease imposes on caregivers’ lives and define unmet needs.

It centres on an online survey for spouses, partners and caregivers, asking simple questions about how their partner’s disease has affected them.

All the responses collected will be anonymous, but together they will present a valuable picture of the issues being faced by those close to men with prostate cancer – and provide an agenda for action.

EU-PROPER builds on the knowledge gained from previous Europa Uomo studies about patients’ quality of life after treatment for prostate cancer (the EUPROMS studies). These have gone some way to identify the burden of prostate cancer on the daily lives of affected men, but the effect on partners and caregivers can also be considerable. It is important that we know more about that on a European level. Finding out what would really help partners, could have a significant impact on the type of support provided after diagnosis.