n° 174 | June 2023
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Informing patients means they are no longer 'passive recipients'

New paper reinforces importance of EUPROMS findings
23 Jun 2023

Cancer in men is 'neglected and underfunded'

New report from Global Action on Men’s Health
15 Jun 2023

New EUPROMS paper confirms importance of findings to decision-making

Europa Uomo article in European Urology Focus is available for download
1 Jun 2023
Europa Uomo News

Our Annual Report 2022/23 is available

After a successful General Assembly meeting in Larnaca, the Europa Uomo Annual Report Europa Uomo 2022/23 is available here.

Europa Uomo Prostate Partners' Experience Research

The EUPROMS surveys defined the burden of the disease for prostate cancer patients themselves. However, we realise that the burdens for the partners of the patient is also substantial. Therefore Europa Uomo is now developing the EU-PROPER (Europa Uomo Prostate Partners’ Experience Research) survey which aims to measure this burden and define unmet needs.

The survey is being made by partners of prostate cancer patients and we will be asking partners all over Europe to participate through our member organisations. It will also be available in 17 languages: 1) German, 2) Dutch, 3) Norwegian, 4) Spanish, 5) Italian, 6) French, 7) Greek, 8) Czech, 9) Danish, 10) Finnish, 11) Hungarian, 12) Latvian, 13) Polish, 14) Portugese, 15) Swedish, 16) Lithuanian and 17) English.

The timing of the roll-out will be the last quarter of 2023. Europa Uomo member organisation are asked to already gather mail addresses of partners willing to complete the survey.

Men, check yourself and save lives

The attention of patients who come to the Stasios Kudirkas Hospital of Alytus (Lithuania) is being drawn by the photo exhibition “From Love for Father”. The artistic photos capture well-known men in Lithuania together with their parents and children, and contain emotional moments. All the images send out an important message: to keep our fathers, husbands, sons, brothers around for as long as possible, let’s encourage them to get tested for prostate cancer for free.

“Although Lithuania is advanced in the fight against this insidious disease, we lose about 500 lives because of it every year,” , said Europa Uomo Board member Pauli’s Rakštys of the Lithuanian Association of Prostate Cancer Patients at the opening. “The numbers would be even different if the men came to check up on time. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about it, to remind, to encourage the use of a preventive programme in order to prevent the disease. The exhibition also encourages us all to pay attention to men, to encourage them to take care of their health.”

You can read an article about the exhibition here which you can translate through Google Translate.

Europa Uomo's newest members

The Estonian Prostate Cancer Patient Society and The Marigold Foundation (Malta) were accepted unanimously by the GA as new members of Europa Uomo respectively as an associate member and as a supporting member.

A new form of prostate cancer support group

Under the auspices of Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI), a new international support group called ASPI-Cave was founded on 1st April.

The group, currently consisting of 12 members from five countries in six different time zones, operates exclusively online with the help of Zoom technology.

Two meetings have been held and it is hoped that more such groups will be established. The slogan of the group is “Knowledge – Support – Friendship”. The Chairman is Thrainn Thorvaldsson from Iceland and the Vice-chairman is Tom Hope from Ireland.

Full article here.

Items of Interest

ASPI webinar

Some men with prostate cancer may have a concurrent common issue: where is the closest toilet? And can I get there on time? These issues are also often caused by benign prostate hyperplasia or overactive bladder.

On 1st July at 6pm CET (US), Active Surveillance Patients International are holding a webinar: “Pissed off: The many ways urination can go wrong”.

Register here.


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