n°151 | July 14, 2021
In this issue:

EUPROMS sexual function study wins award

Researcher’s analysis recognised at EAU Congress
11 Jul 2021

New quality of life booklet from Europa Uomo

Summary of EUPROMS findings will help patient groups in campaigning
5 Jul 2021

Europa Uomo sets the targets for early detection

Letter to European politicians urges them align actions on cancer
1 Jul 2021

Europa Uomo announces major EUPROMS follow-up study

New survey will provide detail on quality of life
23 Jun 2021

Risks of active surveillance programmes "very small"

Professor Chris Bangma says protocols are improving all the time
16 Jun 2021

Europa Uomo joins the family of patient organisations

Cooperation is key to achieving best solutions for patients, says Chairman
9 Jun 2021
Europa Uomo News

Change in the Europa Uomo Board

The General Assembly, virtually convened on June 19, 2021 via Zoom, validly convened and having the necessary attendance numbers, has decided in its session to reform the Board of Europa Uomo.

There are two vacancies to be filled at the General Meeting, as no sitting positions for these two new board positions were created by the General Meeting last year and will be filled for the first time at the 2021 General Meeting.

The following persons are newly appointed to the mandate of member of the Board of the non-profit association Europa Uomo for an initial period of 3 years:

  • Erik Briers
  • Tania Estapé

The functions in the Board were assigned as follows:

  • Chairman: André DESCHAMPS
  • Secretary: Will JANSEN
  • Treasurer: Ioannis VANEZOS
  • Two Vice Chairmen: Ernst-Günther CARL and Erik BRIERS

The new Board is:

  • Chairman: André DESCHAMPS (Belgium)
  • Secretary: Will JANSEN (The Netherlands)
  • Treasurer: Ioannis VANEZOS (Cyprus)
  • Vice Chairman: Ernst-Günther CARL (Germany)
  • Vice Chairman: Erik BRIERS (Belgium)
  • Board member: John DOWLING (Ireland)
  • Board member: Tania ESTAPÉ (Spain)
  • Board member: Cosimo PIERI (Italy)
  • Board member: Nils Petter SJØHOLT (Norway)


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