n°172 | April 2023
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PRAISE-U kicks off

EU-wide initiative to encourage Europe-wide screening has Europa Uomo backing
25 Apr 2023

EU-wide early detection initiative begins

PRAISE-U project for prostate cancer builds on European progress in breast cancer screening
21 Apr 2023

New EUPROMS findings PowerPoint available

Summary of combined results available for presentation to patients and clinicians
14 Apr 2023

Patient information on cancer drugs can be misleading

Leaflets do not always reflect uncertainty about research, study finds
11 Apr 2023
Prostate Research and Treatments

EAU23: the best on prostate cancer

In a roundtable discussion moderated by Gómez Rivas, recorded during the 2023 EAU Congress, Dr. Carlsson talks about the development on early detection and active surveillance, Dr. Walz continues with the highlights on prostate cancer, and Prof. Cornford shares a summary of EAU Guidelines. View Best of EAU23 on prostate cancer

Diet and prostate cancer

There are many studies being conducted to further understand how diet and prostate cancer are related.

On the website of the University of California San Francisco are some guidelines for a healthy diet based on an 11-day study where men followed the Pritikin programme, which includes a low-fat diet that is high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, in combination with 60 minutes of daily exercise. Serum IGF-I (insulin-like growth factor) decreased by 20% after following the program for 11 days. Higher IGF-I values previously have been associated with higher risk for various cancers, including prostate cancer. This reduction in IGF-I may be related to the lower serum insulin levels observed with a healthy, low-fat, plant-based diet and regular exercise.

Patient involvement in the EAU Guidelines Committee

In this EAU podcast, EAU Guidelines office chairman Philip Cornford (GB), and Prostate Cancer Panel patient representative Erik Briers (Be), share their views on the important need for patient input in authoring the EAU Guidelines. They discuss the importance of collaboration to create a higher level of patient advocacy.

Europa Uomo is currently in the process of nominating a second prostate cancer patient to sit on the EAU Guidelines Committee for Prostate Cancer.

Europa Uomo News

Points of the last Board meeting

At their last meeting (April 19th), the Board of Europa Uomo discussed the following points:

Development of an information package on awareness for Europa Uomo member organisations: the Board will develop an information package on the new EU recommendation regarding screening and on awareness to inform Europa Uomo members on what has been decided and what needs to be done.

Annual Report 2022/23: the Annual Report 2022/23 is in its final correction phase, ready to be distributed at the General Assembly 2023.

GA 2023: the Board acknowledged the received candidacies for the Board election.

EUPROMS 2.0 one-year follow-up: the survey had more than 1,000 replies. Data is currently being analysed.
A few results of the combined EUPROMS studies will be analysed in more detail for a possible presentation at ESTRO. An English version of the general slides is available on the Europa Uomo website (see article at the top of this Update).

EAU Guidelines Committee on prostate cancer: the Board decided to address this call out again at the General Assembly.

Summer school 2024: the Board decided to proceed with all arrangements for the summer school 2024.

EU-PROSPER: The EU-PROSPER questionnaire is coming together. The plan is to finalise the questionnaire within the next month, draft a final budget, test the final questionnaire and then present the project at the General Assembly. The aim is to have the EU-PROSPER survey ready by October 2023.


New EUPROMS results will help patients weigh treatment choices

We hope that you all have read our last month’s article on our new booklet on the combined results of Europa Uomo’s EUPROMS 1.0 and EUPROMS 2.0 studies.

Europa Uomo hopes that the booklet, providing EUPROMS evidence about the real experiences of men after treatment for prostate cancer, will be used by patients and urologists as they weigh decisions about best treatment together.

Items of Interest

ASPI's webinar: Second Opinions and Biopsies

This next episode of the ASPI Active Surveillance 101 video series, “Second Opinions and Biopsies”, featuring PCa patient Larry White and his savvy wife Nancy White, discussing a second opinion on a biopsy with Dr. Epstein takes place on Saturday, April 29th at 6pm.

Register here.


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